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I have 7 years of experience working in food media production. With a background and degree in plant science, my passions might seem disparate. However, I have a unique view of where our food comes from and how it appeals to our primal senses. My production journey began when I was cast for ABC's The Great American Baking Show.  It was then that I first baked on camera and  highlighted my use of foraged plant ingredients. I instantly wanted to know what it takes to make a show like that happen behind the scenes. 

Fast forward several years and my time as a freelancer in food media production has taken me to sets, restaurants, farms, and homes all across North America. I have experience working both in the field and in controlled set environments. No two shoots look the same. Sometimes I'm doing pre-production research for a food & travel show. Sometimes I'm handling beauties on a Food Network set. Other times I'm making things look picture perfect for a client's brand. Whether I'm building a set pantry in the backwoods of Canada, or I'm hunched over - tweezers in hand - taking hours to perfect one shot, I'm always trying to do justice to the amazing ways in which food has shaped the human story.  

I personally have a penchant for edible plant species, the art of pastry, food history, and food innovation. That about sums me up, I suppose. 

📍Based in Knoxville, TN


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